What is the Typical Cost of a Tile Roof Installation in Orlando?

When it comes to roofing options in Orlando, tile roofs stand out for their durability, aesthetic appeal, and ability to withstand the region’s extreme weather conditions. In this article, we will explore the benefits of opting for a new tile roof. Whether you choose synthetic, clay, or concrete tiles, these roofing materials offer long-lasting performance, energy efficiency, excellent protection against the elements, and a touch of timeless elegance to enhance the beauty and value of your home. Trust the professionals at Revive Roofing and Construction to assist with any questions you may have regarding tile roofing materials. 


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The Cost of a New Tile Roof in Orlando

On average, a new tile roof in Orlando can cost around $45,000. However, this price can vary significantly based on several factors, including the size of your roof, the type of tile material you choose, and the complexity of the installation. This is where Revive Roofing and Construction comes in. With our extensive experience and local expertise, we can provide you with an accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs.


What Types of Tile Roofing Do We Provide in Orlando? 

Clay Tile Roofing


      • Longevity: Clay tiles are longer lasting than other roofing materials. These roofs can have a longevity of nearly 100 years. Even on the low end, clay tile can last 50 years. They are built to be nearly indestructible and resistant to the elements. 

      • Low Maintenance: Many other roofing materials require regular maintenance, cleaning, and inspections. Clay tile seems to be a “set it and forget it” type of roofing material. They are built to last!

      • Durability: A beautiful attribute of clay is that they do not rot and are insect-resistant. They remain structurally reliable and stunning for years to come. 

      • Insulation – An advantage to clay tiles is that air can freely circulate beneath the tiles, regulating the rooftop temperatures, and maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. 

    • Weather Resistant – Other roofing materials must expand and contract with the changing weather conditions. Clay beautifully maintains the roof’s integrity through the ability to withstand hot and cold weather events. 

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    Concrete Tile Roofing


        • Durability: Similar to clay, this type of tile roofing can last an extremely long time. This is one of the longest roofing materials when compared to others such as asphalt and metal. 

        • Withstand Nature: Hailstorms, rainstorms, rot, insect damage, and fire don’t hold much up against concrete tile. You will never have to worry about a safe strong roof over your head when you rely on concrete tiling. 

        • Variety: Another beautiful attribute of the concrete tiling is the variety of colors and styles the homeowner can choose from. The possibilities are endless!

        • Low Maintenance: Again, similar to clay, there is minimal maintenance that needs to be addressed with a concrete tile roof. There is no need to have a to-do list line item for your roof when it comes to this material.

      • Noise-Controlling: Ah, the peaceful atmosphere of a home with a concrete tile roof! Concrete tile has a noise-canceling feature that keeps the racket of the neighborhood outside where it needs to stay. 

      Synthetic Tile


          • Appearance: Created to look like natural slate, shake, or Spanish tiles.  

          • Lightweight: This material is typically one-fourth of the weight of regular tiles. And they aren’t nearly as brittle. 

          • Longevity: Ultraviolet inhibitors are included in the material to minimize sun damage, which helps extend life expectancy. 

          • Easy Installation: Due to the pliability and lightweight nature of this product, the tiles can be cut with a handy utility knife and shaped to fit the home. There is less chance of damage during the installation process. 

        • Savings: When compared to other types of tile, this product is much less expensive. 

        The sound attributes of tile roofing are hard to beat! It almost seems too good to be true. However, the experts at Revive Roofing and Construction in Orlando will prove to you it is indeed possible to have it all with tile roofing. We can assist you in choosing the right design and material to fit your budget. We are the area’s best choice for all your residential and commercial roofing needs. 

        Contact us today to discuss how tile roofing can change your life! 

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